Are Testosterone Supplements Safe?

Are Testosterone Supplements Safe?

Before you get carried away with excitement over the discovery of a new testosterone supplement, it is good practice to consider your safety. Are testosterone supplements safe? Learning if there are unwanted side effects should be first on your list while considering this avenue of boosting your sex drive. Some of the possible side effects that result from the use of testosterone supplements include:

  1. Breast Enlargement: This side effect can occur in either breast or both of them. What this means is that you develop more fat in your breast tissue prompting the growth. As a result of this side effect, some men tend to lose their self-esteem. This is because of the fact that they become unable to show themselves to their partners or get involved in public activities such as using a public swimming pool among others.
  2. Sleep Apnea: Nothing beats a good sleep as your body takes the opportunity to reenergize. Unfortunately, with the constant seizure of breath as you sleep, the chances of resting well evaporate into thin air. This side effect of using testosterone supplements does not only interrupt your sleep, but it may also bring about diabetes, heart disease, and so on. Following this abnormally, you will find yourself feeling too tired during the day.
  3. Acne Flares: Another possible side effect is the tendency for small localized infections or pimples to occur. This results from the pores of the skin being clogged following the excess oils that occur. You may also experience dead skin blocking your hair follicles. Acne can either be inflammatory or cystic and is a health issue of its own.
  4. Testicular Shrinkage: Making use of testosterone supplements may cause your testes to shrink. The shrinking of a man’s testes means that his sperm count becomes low. This does not sound appealing because of the fact that a loss of these cells may also cause low testosterone levels. There are cases when both of these abnormalities get noticed. The reduction of this reproductive organ is enough to cause any right thinking man some concern.

Testosterone supplements are not different from other forms of medication as they all have side effects. The aim of taking them is to boost sex drive as men tend to lose some good dose of testosterone as they grow older. However, with the possibility of the side effects listed above occurring following their use, it is important to weigh your options and learn whether to consume them or not.


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