Keep Your Sex Drive as You Age

Keep Your Sex Drive as You Age

Aging can take a toll on your sex drive as you age, but, do not give up just yet. Did you know you can keep your sex drive as you age? It will require you to put in the work but truth is your sex life will not deteriorate just because you are growing older.

As people age, it is a common occurrence for their sex drive to decrease and for some, sex becomes non-existent in their lives. This can be attributed to increased responsibilities, lower confidence levels, performance anxiety, lack of a partner, relationship issues, the list is endless. This however does not need to be the case and you can keep your sex drive by doing the following.

1. Relax

Life is busy and the more you age the more responsibilities you have especially if you have kids. This does not necessarily mean that you should bury yourself in work because it might end up destroying your health. Focus on being productive and take time to get enough sleep and relax. This will give you time to focus on you and save you some energy because sex does need energy.

2. Exercise

Exercise is all about being energetic and improved blood flow in the body. It will also help you define the body image you want because what you think about you eventually does affect your sex drive.

3. Get some Vitamin C

At times all you need is eat your way to something. Vitamin C does increase your sex drive and luckily, it’s all in your kitchen. Oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit and guava are just some readily available sources of Vitamin C.

4. Avoid or quit smoking

Smoking decreases blood flow in the body and that includes blood flow to your sexual organs. To keep or increase your sex drive, you need blood flowing to your sexual organs and quitting smoking is a step towards better libido.

5. Be confident

Being confident and not worrying about your performance can help you avoid performance anxiety. Confidence really does affect the mood for sex. The more confident you are, the higher the chances of retaining your sex drive as you age.

Older can be sexy, your age is just a number and your body still needs you to remind it that it is capable of doing everything and even performing better that it has been doing. Sex is not about age but it’s about how good you make it feel. So, love your age and work towards making your sex drive thrive.

4 Tips for Naturally Boosting Male Libido

4 Tips for Naturally Boosting Male Libido

Is your libido suddenly decreasing day by day? Do not panic. Your sex drive is tied to many factors and the good news is that lower libido can be improved. Your sex drive can be influenced by your emotions, physical state, stress, relationship problems or social issues around you. Boosting your libido can be done naturally through the following ways:

  1. Exercise and get in shape

Exercise is a life saver because clearly it is a solution to most health problems. Exercising will leave you feeling energetic, sexy and psyched up. It might seem like too much work but the end results are all worth it. Exercising will give you improved blood flow, better erection, better self-image and confidence, all of which contribute to your sex drive. Studies conducted have associated being overweight and unfit with low sex drive. So break a sweat and get your libido back.

  1. Solve relationship conflicts

Having unsolved issues with your partner can decrease your sex drive and in this instance, not just for you but for both of you. You can agree that it’s easier to initiate sex when you are both on good terms as opposed to when you not in good terms with one another. Whenever you having issues, talk to your partner and solve them because a sense of disconnect can make your sex drive to decrease. Being connected on the other hand gives room for talking, building up anticipation and increased sex drive.

  1. Get enough sleep

Do you spend long hours working or is your schedule always full? Having a busy lifestyle and not getting enough rest decreases your libido. This is because too much energy is spent on the move or working and you barely even get time to think about sex. Getting enough rest will boost your energy and thus improve your sex drive.  Here is how sleep can affect your libido.

  1. Don’t be stressed

Stress literally drains your libido. To solve this, ensure that you have relaxation techniques and ways to deal with issues when they occur. You can opt for a massage, nature walk, hit the gym, play golf, whatever makes you feel relaxed, do it.

Being a man, you need to be on the lookout of what makes you feel inadequate. You need to feel that you are enough and the right mate for your partner because any feeling of not being enough will most likely affect your sex drive. Fun fact, they might not say it enough but your partner is always pleased when you display confidence.